Love starts at the fifth tick of the second hand, notice it after five days, develops in five months and expires in five years. tolerable number of strikes.., five. Tolerable number of mistakes.., five it's THE RULE OF FIFTHS.

small shoe....big foot

it really wont feet... hehehe..I mean.. fit.

life has always given us challenges to overcome to be better people...

The process is really hurting.. like lotus...

waahh.. soon to be finished...

NOYNOY... the inauguration

Thirtieth day of June 2010 is a day very significant to every Filipino. This day is the inauguration of the son of heroes and nation-welfare defenders; the formal oath-taking of the ever beloved Noynoy; the official start of Benigno Aquino III as the president of the Philippines.

Benigno Aquino III has captured the ears, the eyes and hearts of Filipino people with his speech during the inauguration day. "Ngayon, sa araw na ito—dito magwawakas ang pamumunong manhid sa mga daing ng taumbayan." This day is the beginning. Of what ever it is, may it be the betterment of the whole nation.

The foremost duty not only of the of the newly inaugurated officials of the nation but also of the sovereign Filipino people is to lift the nation from poverty through honest and effective governance having the aims for quality education, improved public health services and a home for every family.

I took the chance to lift his exact words during the inauguration that inspired me and hoping to have inspired the Filipino people, "Ang unang hakbang ay ang pagkakaroon ng tuwid at tapat na hanay ng mga pinuno." Words like these from the person whom we entrust our future keep the fire of hope in every heart that still believes in reform which will start at root-cause of poverty.

We as citizens of the Philippines should not think that the ONLY key for development is just GOOD LEADERS. The Philippines needs the people: it's obedience with the law; trust and willingness to cope with change. As Noynoy said, "Hindi si Noynoy ang gumawa ng paraan, kayo ang dahilan kung bakit ngayon, magtatapos na ang pagtitiis ng sambayanan. Ito naman ang umpisa ng kalbaryo ko, ngunit kung marami tayong magpapasan ng krus ay kakayanin natin ito, gaano man kabigat."

The sole aim of his term of office is GOOD GOVERNANCE. And the only thing our president want us to do is to bear the cross with him. With that, no matter how heavy the cross is we will able to manage lifting it.It's not solely in the hands of Noynoy that our freedom from poverty and corruption depends upon. It's in the hands of every Filipino people.

"Inaanyayahan ko kayo ngayon na manumpa sa ating mga sarili, sa sambayanan, WALANG MAIIWAN"

President Noynoy has invited us in a journey to better life. Let us be responsive enough to answer the call to progress.



Sa lahat ng nagawa
Ikaw lang ang tama sa buhay ko
Sa tulad ko di ko ikinakaila
Marami ng nakilala kaliwa’t kanan
Doon dyaan
Pero sayo naramdaman
At sayo natagpuan

Ang lumuha ng nakatawa kapantay ay langit sinta
Di makapaniwala na tayo na
At pinagpala ni Bathala
Na maging tayong dal’wa
Ganito pala ang umibig
Ang sarap pala

Di, di ko ipagpapalit
Mga kwentuhang nabanggit
Sikreto mo sikreto ko
Tungkol sa magulong mundo
At tinuruan mo ako
Anong mali anong hindi
At sayo naramdaman
Sa ‘yo natagpuan

Repeat Refrain

At kung ika’y mawawala
Hindi na ko magmamahal ng totoo ng ganito
Dahil walang katulad mo
Ikay nag-iisang anyo sa puso ko
Panalangin ko
At sa’yo lang sumaya
Sa ‘yo lang nadama
Repeat chorus except last line

Ganito palang umibig
Ganito palang umibig
Ang sarap pala

ang sagot sa sagot...=)


ah.. u got the question not the way i want you to perceive it... what i mean was ... asking you if there's something i should look forward to between us... u got me in a different way... yet still i was hooked with your looks and though i already know i dont have something to grip on "us"... i still opted to stay hoping til the seed of what i planted sprouts.....
but that's over now... =)

you're mine now.. and i won't let things bring us apart... you're mine now and that's all ive ever wanted....=)

kaibigang ka-ibigan

Mag aapat na buwan na ang nkalilipas nang ang aking "walang hanggan " ay nagsimula. Di ko lubos maisip na ang usapang magdamag ay magbubunga ng wagas na pag ibig(etchoz).

ako'y papauwi na mula sa aking petsa(date) ng aking maalala ang mga pangyayari . . .
npangiti ako sa tuwa at galak . . .sandali maari ba akong mg lipat ng channel? este ng lingwahe???.. salamat..

a smile is painted in my face the moment i say 'bye, see yah..' and the feeling of excitement thinking that i'l be seeing him again...and again.. and again,,

I am hoping to be with him 'til I breathe my last breath, 'til i take my last walk.

__________________________under CONSTRUCTION_______________________

song of Masha

I wanted you to stay,
The tears began to show,
You said you care for me,
But then you have to go
And now I know, you're gone.

I don't want to remember,
The things we used to do,
All the things that remind me of you.
I don't want to hear those songs,
Those songs we used to sing,
'Cause I don't wanna feel the pain in my heart

-pain in my heart by zoo

It started so good.. it started so fun... Love has embraced us and made us one..
Together we faced every challenge that crossed our paths... We shared every laughter and every victory.. we conquered every hardship and trial...I thought of us 'together forever'... yet..I Was wrong...
a disaster came and ruined the foundation of everything we shared for years...

i guess five years is a very long story to be told... five years of sweet memories... can be so used to taste... but my heart and mind are already conditioned that he was, he is, and he will forever be my man... that conditioning...has been trashed by an unpredictable affliction.

It wasn't his intention to leave me drowning in tears... nor my intention to be left by him close-fisted and hurt..

It was a catastrophic event i wished to have never come....

that's it...
I don't want to feel the pain in my heart... yet still I reminisce every day of our lovetale... in my room, i feel his presence... I can't escape his eyes...
In my bed i feel cold... Coldness that was before a heat of love...
I miss him.. thoughts of him still linger in my memory...
yet i have to eventually say goodbye to those and say hello to a new beginning...

I don't want to remember,
The things we used to do,
All the things that remind me of him.
I don't want to hear those songs,
Those songs we used to sing,
'Cause I don't wanna feel the pain in my heart

bye..bye love..hahaha ='(

RomAntic Death

TWO in the morning, im still up. the dawn is breaking yet still my eyes are wide open. i cant sleep because it's too hot. my sweat rolls from my forehead and wets my pillow. i get up and come closer to the cold bars of the door. i glance at the hallway. it's dark yet i can see flashes of light, shadows and footsteps. i can hear people talking. i can hear them buzz.

I opened the door and i was surprised to a stranger sitting on my table. just before i could ask who he was, the principal arrived. He greeted me with "Ping, the books were delivered very late yesterday afternoon. i want you to check it to the stock room now and comeback soon after." After his instruction, i got out immediately.

"Good morning Teachers, i have come so early today to introduce our newly-hired computer facilitator". The principal announced with voice so loud audible inside the teacher's office and even outside the area. I was on my way to the stockroom and i haven't heard the name of the new faculty.

I got back to the office and i met the principal on his way out. he smiled and i did too. i told him that the books were complete and were ready to be distributed. he said his words and proceeded.

I came in the office and everybody was in conversation with the new faculty. Everybody seemed not to notice my presence.

After a while, teachers came to their classes soon after the bell has rung. the new faculty went to the comfort room. Miss Aia took the chance to talk to me. "Hi there ping," miss Aia greeted me with a smile. "Hello miss." and i did smile too."I guess you weren't here when John was introduced," she told with her tone, asking.

Who's John anyway?haha

"i wasn't here, but i guess he's the new faculty, sitting besibe my table..?"

The new faculty came in..."there you are John,"Miss Aia greeted him. "I want you to meet Coffee, she's an English teacher, you both are new here but she came in last semester.Coffee this is John."

We exhanged hellos and smiles. I noticed... he's cute.=)

He came closer heading to his table.

"Miss Coffee, is this yours?" John asked me picking an unused sanitary napkin beside my table. I looked at what he was holding.My eyes bulged... it was mine... I was to deny it but miss Aia already laughed so loudly. I just said yes and laughed a fake laugh. ha ha ha ha. I was so embarrassed. i felt my blood has rushed and painted my face red. the bell rang and the three of us already have our classes. "i'll go ahead ping," miss Aia said as she exited the office. I was fixing my records and plans when John approached and asked "Miss Coffee, shall you guide me to the computer rooms? i've been there once but i can't remember the way."

"Very timely, my class is at the AVR,. The computer rooms are adjacent to it. Come with me then. " I responded.

We walked out the office. I didnt want to make our first moment so dull so i talked and talked to him 'bout the school's facility and the like. He too talked but too little. He's quite quiet.

We arrived at our respective classrooms and we part ways. he looked at me... no, i gues the right term is, he stared at me and smiled before he came in. i too stared at and smiled at him. I came in the classroom with confusion.

i wasn't expecting John'd still be at the office. it's already too late,about 7:30pm when i came back from the stockroom. i was, for the second time, surprised when i got in there. I usually close the office because i'm the last person to leave.

"why are you still here?" I asked with wonders in my eyes.

"I waited for you" he answered. I then thought, is this what the stare meant??

I laughed and asked Why.

"we're just neighbors. i saw you passed by our house yesterday. since my class finished at 7pm, and yours at 7:15, i decided to wait for you, so i'll have company going home. That was a good idea, wasn't it?",he answered.

I smiled and said "is that so? or you're just afraid 'cause it's dark outside?"

He fainted "no, i'm not," he said with a streak of chill in his voice.

"Hahaha, i was just kidding" i laughed as i've seen his reaction.

"How come i haven't seen you? I've been here for a year." I asked

"I took my vacation at my mom's house for a year. I spent time with her because i wasn't with her a long time." he answered

I came to know him better as every morning we walk to school and every afternoon we walk home.

John was computer programmer who worked abroad for three years and he realized that he's called to be a teacher. So he went back to the Philippines and taught computer lessons in highschool.He was young. He was just an inch taller than i was. he's fair, he's cute. he's single, as i knew he was. I was 2 years younger than John. Soon after graduation, i hunted job and after a year i found one, here. An english teacher. i was single but has just gotten over from a heartbreak.

several days had passed and we mutually understood each other. I enjoyed his company and i gues he did too enjoyed mine.Three months had passed and still we're very good friends.Our relationship had grown fonder and I guess we're more than GOOD FRIENDS. I could say we're LOVERS with no commitment. We had shared significant events together. Every month, we celebrate the birth of our friendship.We've exchanged I love you's.

An early Saturday morn, we were having our tea session in a cafe when a friend of ours passed by. I called her, "Hi mitch!." She glanced back and waved. She paused and went to where we were. "What brought you here?" I asked.
"I'm Malou's wedding planner. . ." she talked endlessly as she usually does.
". . .wait, who's with you?"she asked me after her very long explanation of why she was there. I looked back to where Joe was seated. By then I noticed he was no longer there. "I'm with John." I said. "John?..." She was about to tell me something when one of her companies called her back. She said goodbye and "text you when I get home."
I smiled and said "yeah sure".

A moment had passed and John came back.

"Where have you been? Mitch was here a while ago."
"Really?, oh i went to the men's room. Tsk. I should have seen her."

i could see in his eyes that he was lying. But i never minded that.
we did the usual thing that day ; strolled around the park, watched a movie in the afternoon and a sweet walk-talk home.

As i arrived home, i checked my phone. I had seven missed calls from Mitch. I then called her.
"Hello, Mitch. . ."
We talked the whole night.
I cried the whole night.

twas Sunday morning and i was awaken by hard knocks on the front door.
I hurriedly opened the door and was surprised seeing John. He hugged me tightly. He was crying as he told me "I don't wanna marry her. I thought I loved her... I won't marry her. It's you that I want.You and you alone. Ping, Marry me. help me escape this trap i got into."

I was shocked with what happened. I was crying as as he was telling me those words.
having still the hurt he caused me, . . and hearing those words, I slapped him with all my might. I yelled at him "Is that how you murder our hearts? you guys are inhumane. "

I saw him cried in front of me.
with the look in his eyes, I then realized what i said was off my right.
I said sorry and hugged him back.

he kissed me. . . we made love.

John was in a relationship when I met him. He was engaged with Malou, a dear friend of mine in college.
He said he knew me even before i knew him. and he fell in love with me just even before i saw him. He communicated with Malou to get connected with me. but malou fell inlove with my sweet John. And for several years they've been friends.John was frustrated with my absence. he took the chance to make Malou his girl. in the long run they've decided to get married.
months before his wedding, he decided to enjoy his life as a bachelor so he got back to his hometown where i happen to find my job.And we met. . .

I enjoyed the moment with him in my room, in my bed. We shared the sweetness of each other the whole day, the whole night.

the new morn sky was greeted by the warm ray of sunshine. I hugged my sweet John but he's cold.

i listened to his heartbeat but i couldn't hear it.

I cry. . . holding the cold bars of my cell, remembering the cold body of my sweet John.
I scream, i scream, I scream.

a woman in white dress, having a white mini- sailboat on her head came in and grabbed my hand. "Shhh. Shhhh, It's Ok, " I can hear her tell me those words as she hurt me with her mosquito-like apparatus.

I feel dizzy and I close my eyes.